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    Lord Of Multy[Final Destination]



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    Lord Of Multy[Final Destination]

    Post by tupi-wala on Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:06 pm

    LOM- Main:

    Password Changer:

    Abuse Report:

    Multy Unban Mail:

    Help containing soft:

    * 6 Set Login At a Time
    * 15 IDs Per Set
    * Auto Emote Change Flood
    * Flood Upto 2 Hours With Boom Speed[tested]
    * Kick Timer Interval
    * Touce Kick
    * Manual Kick
    * Multy Unban Mail Sender
    * Multy Abuse Report Sender
    * Auto Enter with Delay
    * No Suspend
    * Password Changer[No Security Questions Needed]
    * Random Password Generator
    * Save All Pass Changed IDs To MS Excel File


    This Soft Is Free.

    Pvt tupi-wala or jas.- with activation code. We will activate it as soon as possible
    Download Link:
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